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Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel Monkeys

July 3 – DAY 1
Group members depart for Lima, Peru. Met on arrival at the Lima airport. Transfer to hotel.
Overnight in Lima.

July 4 – DAY 2
Transfer to Lima Airport. Depart Lima/Iquitos. Met on arrival. By open-air bus to boat dock. Visit the Iquitos Market en-route. Board boat for trip on the Amazon River to Explorama Lodge and first hike in the Rainforest.

Nun Bird

Nun Bird

July 5 – DAY 3
Optional birding by boat or walking each morning.
A.M. Culture & Craft Fair. Brief after-lunch or after-dinner talk by Dr. Linnea Smith.
P.M. “Rainforest Cultures;” Trading with the Yagua; Rainforest Exploration on the Bushmaster Trail.
Optional Night Walk or Boat Outing each night.

July 6 – DAY 4
Service Project at the Amazon Library.


Annato: These seeds provide one of the dyes used by the Yagua people

July 7 – DAY 5
Board boat for ACTS (Amazon Conservatory for Tropical Studies) Research Station, Clinic en-route.
P.M. Intro to ACTS and Research with Dr. Steve Madigosky; Canopy Walkway with Sunset viewing. EVE. Night hike to view the Bioluminescent Fungus patch.

July 8 – DAY 6
A.M. Rainforest Canopy Studies using illustrated investigations in Journal
P.M. “Super Senses of Insects”; Rainforest Explorations.

Parrot on laptop computer

July 9 – DAY 7
Visit the Canopy Walkway at dawn.
A.M. Rainforest Canopy “Leaf Lover” Studies with Dr. Meg Lowman. Lunch at ACTS.
P.M. Visit to Black Water Lake to see Giant Lily pads and.Hoatzin birds.

July 10 – DAY 8
A.M. Visit ReNuPeRu Ethnobotanical Garden with Shaman Guillermo Rodriguez.
P.M. Lunch at ExplorNapo. Transfer to Ceiba Tops.
Wrap-Up Activities & Closing Ceremony.

July 11 – DAY 9
A.M. Walk to the Giant Ceiba Tree; Visit Monkey Island by boat. Lunch at Ceiba Tops.
P.M. By boat from Ceiba Tops. Depart Iquitos/Lima. Met on arrival and assisted with international flights.

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