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Saying Goodbye to the Amazon

July 13, 2012

No early bird walk this morning. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast of eggs, granola, yogurt, potatoes, French toast and fruit. We left and visited a HUGE Ceiba tree. The tree represents spirits of earlier people. The Mayans believe that the tall trunk actually is a bridge to heaven for souls. The last owners of the property made it into a banana plantation and cut all the other trees leaving this one out of reverence for those who have passed. The trunk of the tree is so massive that all 19 of us stood easily in between two of the buttress roots.

Woolly monkey lounging in the sun

The young monkeys appeared to enjoy relaxing in the sun just as people do!

We next went to Monkey Island. This island is dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of orphaned monkeys of all kinds. We had “UP CLOSE” experiences with spider monkeys, Brown and Common Woolly Monkeys, Golden Mantled Tamarins, saki monkeys, howler monkeys and Red Uakari Monkeys. The Uakari were the only monkeys in a separate enclosure and we were told they were the only ones that “didn’t play well with others”, especially visitors!

We went back to Ceiba Tops for some showers to remove the monkey love we received and then lunch. During lunch we honored our fabulous guides Roldan and Abelardo with gifts and headed back to the Amazon for a trip to Iquitos.

Another shopping opportunity awaited us at a local craft market. We saw everything from painted fish scales to exquisite paintings and Mahogany and Blood Wood bowls. Thirty minutes to shop? Pleeease!

We got back on the bus for a short ride to the airport where we said goodbye to our Peruvian teacher friends and guides. We were all presented with a picture of the entire team by our Peruvian teachers. It will always be a reminder of the friendships we have made during these few days. Although we are sad to go and leave the beauty of the Amazon we will carry the memories of our adventures and share them forever.

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  1. Loren Hintz permalink
    July 30, 2012 7:24 pm

    For the folks who read Spanish I will write a few words. We saw a sunset flying from Iquitos to Lima. All of our flights went well. At the airports we did a bit of work listening to the last expert topics on anacondas and howler monkeys. We also played a word/drawing game that let us relive some of our adventures. The blogs have been written by small groups of teachers and posted by Liz so you won’t see our individual names. I hope folks will take time to reread the blog and post more. Now we our busy trying to organize our thousands of photos. Enjoy. Si lea espanyol escribire’ unas palabras. Vimos un puesto del sol de iquitos a lima. Todos los vuelvos fueron bien. En los aeropuertos escuchamos a unos informes sobre la culebra anacanda y el mono aulador.Tambien jugabamos usando palabras y dibujos que nos permitio revivir de nuevo nuestras adventuras. Estos “blog” han escrito por grupos pequenyos de maestros y Liz los ‘posto’. Por eso no ves nuestras nombres. Ojala que tome mas tiempo para leerlos y escribir mas. Ahora estamos tratando de organizar miles de fotos. Disfrutelas.

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